SPCA of Bradley County, TN

No-Kill Animal Shelter
1570 Johnson Blvd SE
Cleveland, TN 37311
Office: (423) 790-1915

Lost Pets: Reuniting Families!

Find the stray pets who are currently at the SPCA on our Facebook page. If you see your lost pet there, please contact us immediately so we can get you reunited ASAP!! If your pet is missing, please send us a photo, details, and your contact info so that we can post it on our Facebook page so others can help watch our for your missing pet. We also have a bulletin board inside the SPCA with info and photos of lost and found pets. We'll keep your information handy at the SPCA in case in your furry family member shows up there.

Don't forget to always keep your pet's microchip info

up-to-date and ID tags on their collar!