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The Quarter More Challenge.
• $25 a month support. This can be made via mail, phone, or online. You can even set up recurring donations via Paypal or your bank.
• 25 hours of volunteerism every 2 months for the SPCA of Bradley County.
• 25 miles driven monthly transporting for the SPCA of Bradley County. 

Will you stand with us in this challenge? Can you increase your action to help us decrease homeless pets in our community?

All donations are tax deductible and can be made in person, by mail, over the phone or via paypal.
Checks should be made payable to SPCA of Bradley County. Please note on the memo line “Quarter More”. All donation should be mailed to PO Box 703 Cleveland, TN 37364
Paypal donations can be sent to office@spcaofbradleycountytn.org

The Adoption Center, for anyone wanting to see their support in action or to donate in person, is located at 1570 Johnson Blvd SE Cleveland, TN 37311

If you are interested in Volunteering...
Volunteer application can be found : Here

Volunteer apps can be sent to: volunteerspcabradley@gmail

If you are interested in Fostering..
Foster Application can be found:Here
Foster Care Policy can be found: Here

Foster applications and Foster care policy can be sent to: spcabradleyfoster@gmail.com

It has come to our attention that some people believe we receive funding from the ASPCA or the Humane Society -- so we wanted to clear that up and let it be known that we do not. That is why we rely so heavily on donations from our followers and the community.

Volunteers Needed!
We are always in need of help with the animals, but even more so during the summer.
Please consider coming out to the shelter and helping with the animals. We, and the animals, would greatly appreciate it. You'll get plenty of tail wags, happy faces and doggie kisses!
For more information and to get things started just stop by the shelter located at 1570 Johnson Blvd.
Tuesday through Saturday between 12-5 pm. 
Invite your friends to come out and help too!

The SPCA of Bradley County celebrated its 3rd anniversary on March 17, 2017. 

Since opening the SPCA of Bradley County has taken in (to date) more than 4,500 animals from our community and we are proud to say that we have maintained the No-Kill status that the shelter was founded upon. This is no easy task being an open intake shelter in the south. Things do not come easier because of the noble notion of being No-Kill. The work is harder, the days are longer, and the failures cut deeper.

We publish these numbers in hopes of sharing our trials and triumphs with the community we serve. These numbers represent lives in our care. We take that responsibility very seriously. Each life matters to us, even when we are too late to save them. They die with the dignity of a name and someone to hold them as they go. Each loss hurts, but each happy tails strengthens our resolve. We are more committed than ever to place the homeless animals in our community, to rescue the abandoned, to heal the wounded, and to love the abused.

The sad fact is there are not enough homes in our community to place these animals, but there are homes with our shelter partners to the North. These communities have more adopters than they have animals. This is why we began our transport efforts and why these efforts have increased to match or even exceed our adoption numbers. Our primary goal ALWAYS is to place our animals in good homes or with appropriate rescues who can do the same. We know that our community appreciates these efforts to remain a No-Kill shelter. These efforts do carry cost as each animal must be vaccinated, dewormed, deflea-ed, heartworm tested, and go through a health exam at the vet's office. On average it costs $35-$40 per animal and this does not include staffing, gas (to and from the vet's office as well as to meet transport usually in Knoxville), and wear/tear on shelter vehicles. It is an awfully small price to pay to keep saving lives instead of ending them.

The SPCA of Bradley County rescues animals from unimaginable cruelty and deplorable conditions. These animals need immediate and life saving veterinary care. This is why we created the Angel Fund. This fund is used solely to give these animals the medical care they need. We operate on a "shoe-string" budget. There are no funds from the operational budget to fulfill this need. This is where our community and followers come in. No matter how small or insignificant it may feel, every dollar counts. Your donation saves lives. It takes all of us.

Being a non-profit animal shelter also means we are heavily dependent upon volunteers. The animals who come to us are often scared and lonely. They need YOU. Make a difference. Be a part of Team SPCA.

The SPCA has also far outgrown it's current facilities. We are constantly repairing, updating, and re-purposing to maximize use of the buildings. Feel free to stop by, take a tour, and ask for current repair projects going on. Perhaps you have a skill (or know someone) that you would be willing to use to help with our repair work. We are currently trying to get a leaky roof, falling insulation, and poor HVAC flow repaired to keep our animals, staff, and volunteers comfortable.

We would also like to take a moment to clarify a misconception regarding donations. We do NOT nor have we ever received funding from the ASPCA or other national affiliates. If you wish to donate directly toward the homeless animals in your community, please donate directly to your local humane societies and animal shelters. Those donations stay in your community to benefit animal welfare in your area.

For information to adopt, donate, volunteer, or foster please contact us at the following:

1570 Johnson Boulevard SE
Cleveland TN, 37311

(if mailing donations feel free to specify the area you would like to donate toward: Transport, Angel Fund, Building Repairs, General Donation)

Mailing Address:
SPCA of Bradley County
PO Box 703
Cleveland, TN 37364