SPCA of Bradley County, TN

No-Kill Animal Shelter | 1570 Johnson Blvd SE  Cleveland, TN 37311 |  Office: (423) 790-1915

Operating Philosophy of the SPCA of Bradley County


• We believe nearly every animal can be saved. We will strive not to kill companion animals unless they are suffering and there is little to no hope of recovery; or, they are deemed vicious with little to no hope of rehabilitation, and a suitable sanctuary or rescue cannot be found that will provide them with a humane existence and ensure public safety.


• We believe an animal shelter should indeed be a “shelter” and we will strive to provide enrichment, socialization, medical care and accommodation for the community’s animals who are in our care. We will provide routine veterinary care to ensure the health of individual animals and our entire population. This will include routine vaccinations and de-worming on intake, as well as quarantine facilities for young animals, nursing mothers and litters.


• We believe it takes the entire community and animal control/sheltering should be transparent and accountable to the community. The over-population of companion animals is not a problem one organization can solve. It is a community problem and one that communities have shown they care deeply about. Because of this, the SPCA of Bradley County will work with the community — openly, honestly and transparently to address the needs of companion animals. This will include membership and volunteer programs that will allow community members to be directly involved in every aspect of the animal shelter, from animal care to fostering pets who do not thrive in the shelter setting, to fundraising. It will include working with any reputable rescue organization to move animals out of the shelter and into homes. It will include being accountable to the community with frequent reports on every aspect of operations from numbers of animals to animal care to budgeting. It will include using social media to share every day with the community what is happening at the SPCA of Bradley County.


• We believe an animal shelter and animal control should be staffed by trained professionals who have demonstrated concern for animal welfare issues. The staff of the SPCA of Bradley County will operate with public safety and compassionate care of animals as their top priorities.


• We believe in modern, humane alternatives to the old catch-and-kill model of animal control. We will develop a comprehensive trap-neuter-return program for barn, feral, free-roaming and community cats. We will work with caretakers and property owners to implement this program in an effort to reduce the numbers of homeless cats in our community and to provide a humane alternative to catch-and-kill.


• We believe low-cost, accessible spay/neuter is a critical component to reducing the numbers of homeless animals. No animal will leave the SPCA of Bradley County (except for placement in foster care for animals too young for the procedure) without being spayed/neutered. We will work with guardians who are reclaiming lost pets to get those animals spayed/neutered before returning them to the home. We will work with guardians surrendering litters of puppies and kittens to the shelter to ensure the mother animals is spayed/neutered and future litters of unwanted puppies and kittens will not be coming into our shelter. We will provide education, awareness and accessibility to spay/neuter through various other programs.


• We believe the community will help us to re-home animals in our shelter if they are given the opportunity. We will share photos of animals coming into the shelter through social media. We will have hours that are accessible to the public to meet animals and adopt them. We will provide friendly, helpful customer service to potential adopters who visit our facility. We will provide screening and support of adopters to ensure pets are successful in their forever homes. We will have an adoption application, pre-adoption counseling and post-adoption follow-up. We will keep adoption fees low (and sometimes free for approved adopters) by supplementing the cost of veterinary care with sponsorships, donations and grants.


• We believe in reuniting families. Statistics show that very few “stray” companion animals enter animal shelters. Most are lost. We will post photos of “stray” pets entering our facility on social media immediately upon their entering the shelter. We will provide microchipping clinics to help provide more pets in our community with an identity should they become lost. Every pet entering our facility will be scanned for microchips and every animal adopted from our facility will leave with a microchip.