SPCA of Bradley County, TN

No-Kill Animal Shelter | 1570 Johnson Blvd SE  Cleveland, TN 37311 |  Office: (423) 790-1915

Charter Members

1. Sherry Brown, Founder, Guardian Angel Membership

2. Brandi & Wesley Glover Family, Family Membership

3. Larry & Sara Burns, Founder, Guardian Angel Membership

4. Gene Norfleet, Founder, Best Friends Membership

5. The Rosencrantz Family, Family Membership

6. Maria Pastrana Gilley, Supporting Member

7. Laura Coffey Medina, Founder, Best Friends Membership

8, Bethney Foster, Supporting Member

9. Tonya Woodson, Supporting Member

10. Sherry Longley, Supporting Member

11. Jodie Westwood, Founder, Guardian Angel Membership

12. Jennifer McDowell, Helping Paws Membership

13. Dr. Sara & Jack Cooper Family, Founders, Guardian Angel Membership

14. Makaylon Smith, Puppy Paws Membership 

15. Lesly Castillo, Purrfect Paws Membership

16. Kimberly Hackney, Supporting Member

17. Tabitha & Doug Roblyer, Supporting Member

18. Frank & Barbara Westwood, Founder, Guardian Angel Membership

19. Carleen Franklin, Founder, Guardian Angel Membership

20. Conor Hathaway, Puppy Paws Membership

21. Mary & Eddie Ballard, Founder, Guardian Angel Membership

22. Barbara Ratcliff, Silver Paws Membership

23. Tracy & Leslie Hooper, Family Membership

24. The Hood Family, Family Membership

25. Cheryl Wilson, Founder, Best Friends Membership

26. Eddie & Jeanine Warren, Founder, Best Friends Membership

27. Linda Rader, Silver Paws Membership

28. Susan McQueeney, Founder, Guardian Angel Membership

29. Violet Serum, Puppy Paws Membership

30. Rebecca Crossland, Supporting Membership

31. Gayle Holbrook, Supporting Membership

32. Ruth Massey, Silver Paws Membership

33. Dale Massey, Silver Paws Membership

34. Sacha McGowan, Supporting Membership

35. The Serum Family, Family Membership

36. Joe Hooper, Supporting Membership

37. Tabitha Roblyer, Supporting Membership

38. The King Family, Family Membership

39. Joleen Barker, Supporting Membership

40. Beirne Beaty, Patron Membership

41. Chaia Zellermayer, Patron Membership

42. Lori Kaylor, Supporting Membership

43. Lynn Devault, Patron Membership

44. Jeff & Kathy Morelock, Family Membership

45. Emma Ann Morelock, Puppy Paws Member

46. Jefferson Morelock, Puppy Paws Member

47. Brandy Anderson, Supporting Member

48. Lucas Johnson, Puppy Paws Member

49. Ginger & Bruce DiBernardo, Supporting Members

50. Jacob Cunningham, Puppy Paws Member

51. Kelly Gabriel, Supporting Member

52. Mark Greene, Puppy Paws Member

53. Amy Andies, Supporting Member

54. Janice Osborne, Supporting Member

55. Jayne Hannah, Supporting Member

56. Sharon Watson Feathers, Supporting Member

57. Lucas Lum, Puppy Paws Member

58. Lani Brooke Lum, Puppy Paws Membership

59. Krystal & Kel Lum, Supporting Membership

60. Ines Voellinger, Founder, Guardian Angel Membership

61. Danielle Kimball, Patron Membership

62. Joe and Nancy Farbo, Family Membership 

63. James Lockhart, Supporting Membership

64. Dana Hammontree, Helping Paws Membership